Mar 19, 2018

Jamil M. Abdallah

  • Project Manager / Team-leader / Full-stack developer
  • Beirut, Lebanon
Full time Information Technology

Personal Summary

I am 36 years old, with 11+ years experience in my domain. Throughout the  years I have assumed the following positions: web developer, mean-stack developer , full stack developer, team-leader, and project manager. My main focus of interest is PHP/mysql, but shifted in the last couple of years to nodejs/AngularJs technology so am resilient to shifting technologies. 

 Please note that although my official project management skills are two years only, I have been performing management duties at earlier stages without assuming the title. 

Best Regards.  

Work Experience

Project Manager
Jul 2016 - Mar 2018 Corsair CMS

Project Manager/Senior Full Stack Developer, CorsairCMS

Mansoureih — July 2016-Present  


 CorsairCms are the builders of open-source platform SOAJS, for API management. They build advanced API-driven solutions based on SOAJS platform and using MEAN stack technology.




  • Administrate Project’s workflow, time estimation, and assure meeting deadlines.
  • Handle a team of four personnel plus mentoring interns/new employees.
  • Allocate resources as best fit for the project.
  • Team follow-up and Daily scrums (Scrum Master).
  • Organize daily huddle with offshore client.
  • Weekly reports on project progress or impediments if any.
  • Evaluate and track employee performance.
  • Innovate probable solutions for the development phase
  • Write test cases using JavaScript’s’ Mocha to ensure 100% coverage of the code.
  • Develop rules and strategies for a business search engine.
  • Develop API solutions for an online store.
  • Integrate swagger into current active solutions.
  • Develop business logic for node.js api’s built on top of SOAJS
  • Provide UI based on AngularJs.






  • 411 search engine.
  • Data As A Service (DAAS) framework.
  • Backend Bridge of YPStore.


Team Leader
May 2013 - Jun 2016 Qualizone SARL

Team Leader, Qualizone SARL

Beirut — May 2013-June 2016


Qualizone is a quality consultant company known in the fields of health care and education, it have a Research and development department and provide software solutions and web applications mainly in the mentioned domains. I am currently the lead developer and a team leader of a small team (up to six developers).



  • Establish client communication and get client requests/feedback
  • Provide full scale analysis of specifications and requirements
  • Allocate company resources to establish efficient productivity
  • Develop web applications and solutions based on customer needs.
  • Supervise colleagues and revise their work to ensure productivity and code reusability and assure the product stability
  • Customer support
  • Bug fixing and tracking.



  • Maksab(QMS): A large scale product, started as a quality management system for schools, that automates all the school processes and procedures of daily tasks, it know extended quality management to extent of HR management and a little bit of student management(over 400 automated processes and forms)
  • SIS: A current project we are working on aiming to create a full customizable Student Information System.
  • UMS: Is also a new project I helped kickoff, and now handled by separate team. It aims to create a university management system.
  • Invoice management System: small customizable application where employees can automatically generate customer quotations and send to customers via mail.
  • Holiday Management System: A small web application where employees can request vacations and see a calendar of holidays/requested vacations.




Bachelor degree in computer sciences
Oct 2018 - May 2005 Lebanese University


Angular 2+, AngularJS, Adobe Photoshop, Apache, Bootstrap, Twitter Bootstrap, CSS, C++, Customer Service, Git, Github, HTML, Javascript, JQuery, Jira, Joomla Framework, Linux, Mac OS, Management, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Word, MongoDB, MySQL, Netbeans, NginX, Node JS, noSQL, Project Management, PHP, QA Testing, SQL, UI/UX, Ubuntu, Unit Testing, User Interface, Version Control, Web Development, Yii PHP Framework, Zend Framework

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